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Are you a developer?
Looking for a flexible service ideal for your needs?
Looking for a virtual computing environment from which
You can configure your cloud instances?
Easy Cloud Server
Is the perfect solution for you 
Be flexible

Easy Cloud Server is a flexible, pay-per-use cloud solution
You can make tests and build staging infrastructures with high
performances and easiness.
Performing, isolated, horizontally scalable.

Are you looking for the ideal product for testing, development and staging?
Do you need a solution to switch on and off server based on your daily job?
What about a completely custom solution to manage your cloud instances autonomously?
How can you pay only for the cloud instances you really use?
  • Easy Cloud Server 1
  • 12,00 monthly cost
    • RAM 1GB
    • CPU 1 Core
    • SSD 20 GB
    • Included Traffic 1 TB
    • Cost/Hour 0.017 €
Best choice
  • Easy Cloud Server 2
  • 20,00 monthly cost
    • RAM 2GB
    • CPU 2 Core
    • SSD 40 GB
    • Included Traffic 1 TB
    • Cost/Hour 0.028 €
  • Easy Cloud Server 3
  • 30,00 monthly cost
    • RAM 4GB
    • CPU 4 Core
    • SSD 80 GB
    • Included Traffic 1 TB
    • Cost/Hour 0.042 €
Easy Cloud Server is the perfect solution for developing innovative and modern-style applications, thanks to:
√ uptime and reliability
√ available for Linux and Windows
√ identical pricing across our data centers
√ multiple data center also in Switzerland and Balkans
√ European high-quality network
√ proactive DDoS protection for everyone
√ Easy scalability
√ highly intuitive Cloud Manager
√ transparency and no vendor lock-in
√ full featured API
√ native IPv6 support
√ secure facilities
√ h24 support
√ predictable pricing

Server on demand:

You can create and destroy services whenever you want, just paying for the real use. You can also build entire clusters with minimum investments

Autonomous Cloud Management:

Configure your LAMP environment quickly and easily, select your Operating System and personalize your services.

Simple control panel:

Full control via web (turning on and off, resources display, console) and customizable store of images that can be used for installing servers IPv4 and IPv6

Pay per real use, no obligation:

You pay just for the real usage with hourly billing and no commitment requested. Price from 0,017€/hour, 12€/month

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